Tips for Working With a Day Care Provider

Placing your child in day care is a huge milestone for a parent, and you’ll want to put your best foot forward. The goal is to have the best parent-provider relationship possible, as this is ideal for the child as well as for the adults. Here are some things to keep in mind about child day care Calabasas CA.

Honor the Two-Way Street

In any transaction, there are two parties involved. A day care is a type of transaction. Acknowledging the provider’s needs will help build respect and open communication. The conversations you have with a provider should be based on courtesy and understanding. Be patient and demonstrate that you care about the program. Keep in mind that day cares have the right to dismiss any family that is not a good fit, so politeness is key to a healthy relationship.

Respect Time Constraints

If you have a meeting with a provider, it is crucial to show up on time. Day cares run busy schedules, and the staff members may have rearranged their schedules or made special accommodations to see you. Additionally, remember that opening and closing times are set in stone. If you try to drop your child off early or if you’re late picking them up, you will likely be reprimanded. It is a place of business and should be treated as such.

Meet the Requirements

Providers have to be confident that your child is a good fit for the day care. If your child is openly insubordinate regularly, a provider may not want to keep him or her in the program. Likewise, if you are resistant to the program’s parameters, such as meal, nap and activity protocols, a provider is not going to alter those things for one parent. As there are many other children enrolled, a day care can only be so flexible when it comes to budging in procedures.

Promoting a healthy partnership with your child’s day care provider is a matter of basic manners. By respecting the provider’s needs, you are likely to have yours met as well.


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