Brief Introduction: Begin Understanding Anodizing

Materials like wood, fabric and metal have varying life spans based on quality and treatment, but it is a fact of life that they all inevitably begin to break down. They rot, decay and rust. Eventually, replacement is necessary, creating expenses. For businesses, cost reduction is an important part of success. Because of this development of innovations to increase the life and improve the durability of materials and products is constantly ongoing. One such innovation is anodizing. What exactly is anodizing though? Here is a brief intro to anodizing to help you begin to understand it.

The Definition

Anodizing is a process that utilizes electrochemistry to thicken and harden the oxide surface that naturally covers metal. The resulting product is a porous, protective anodic finish that is harder than any other substance save diamonds. Aluminum is often anodized since it is by nature suited to the procedure, but other metals may undergo and enjoy the benefits of anodizing.

The Process

So how does anodizing happen? The process is actually the boosting of a reaction that happens in real life without interference. Here is how it goes:

  1. An anodizing tankhas a cathode placed in it.
  2. The tank is filled with an acid electrolyte bath.
  3. The metal is placed in the bath.
  4. Oxygen ions from the electrolyte bath interact with ions on the metal’s surface.
  5. Oxidation occurs.

The Benefits

Anodizing imparts numerous benefits valued by industries like the automotive industry. One such benefit is corrosion resistance. Increased durability is another. Anodizing also leads to easy maintenance and the ability to retain color better when painted. The process itself also comes with the advantages of not being harmful to humans and being more affordable in terms of both initial investment and long term maintenance costs.

Procedures like anodizing that strengthen materials used in final products are vital to meet quality standards and the demands of customers. The better the product, the better the reputation of the manufacturer, so using tactics like anodizing can only benefit producers.


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