Perfect collection of lullaby for babies

‘Music was my first love, it will be my last, music of the future, music of the past’.

What an amazing song by John Miles, isn’t it?

Independent of any cultural background, music transcends time and environment. Musicality is supposed to be organized by a set of biological protorhythms. It may contribute surprisingly to developing a calm nature, better intelligence, and improved babies’ brain development.

Lullabies have been created and sung for centuries. The word lullaby means “to soothe to sleep”. People have sung to babies and small children throughout history to comfort them. Lullabies have been used since ancient Greece.

Lullabies – to keep your babies calm and relaxed!

Listeners’ reactions to music are influenced by both earlier musical experiences and the underlying structure of our psyche. Baby lullabies are calming to adults also, according to conventional wisdom. Encouraging your baby’s natural interest in music may deepen your bond, improve language skills, and lead to endless discovery and pleasure.

What most people didn’t realize until now is that exposing children to music from an early age has a huge influence on their brain development. According to specialists, infants are born with billions of brain cells, commonly known as neurons. These neurons make connections over the first year of life, and the more you utilize those connections, the stronger they get. One of the methods to work out and deepen these relationships is music.

This is why the Music Man and sound Professor Murat Tusuz’s 15 years of research into the influence of various sound frequencies on humans resulted in the creation of customized lullabies that boost infant intellect and aid in rapid sleep. Professor Murat Tusuz discovered that polyphonic baby music produced with these frequencies generates delta waves that help develop infant intellect and make infants sleep quicker.

The delta waves are high amplitude brain waves linked with a profound sleep. Delta waves range from 1 to 3 hertz (Hz). Their origin is unknown. But they connect to slow-wave sleep (which begins during the third stage of sleep.) Delta waves are associated with deep slumber.

Pick the perfect lullaby for your kid!

Children who grow up listening to lullabies have stronger brain connections. This increases their spatial thinking, memory, and intellectual ability. Research from Southern California indicated that musical activities in infancy enhance brain growth, notably in language learning, reading, and arithmetic ability.

This joint lullaby venture of Music man and Professor Murat Tusuz has created an impressive collection of lullabies having mesmerizing musical notes. This music stimulates children’s social-emotional and physical abilities, and these lullabies also help your infants sleep quickly and peacefully. This collection of lullabies is just perfect for your infants to keep them calm and happy.

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