Banish Joint Pain With These 4 Highly Effective Therapies That Aren’t Joint Repalcements

You don’t have to live with chronic joint pain, no matter how young or old you are. There are options to help get you back up and running — literally — that do not require invasive surgery or a joint replacement. Before you resign yourself to being miserable and in pain, consider one of these therapies that can ease your pain, stop the degenerative process, and possibly restore function in your damaged joint.

  1. Stem Cell Therapies

This is one area of medicine that is seeing explosive growth. That is in large part to the positive results people are reporting after undergoing regenerative medicine Jacksonville FL. Stem cells are able to develop into any type of other cells. That means they could, theoretically, become cartilage, blood or bone cells. Doctors utilize this adaptability to help jumpstart the healing process by injecting stem cells directly into the injured joint. This may be a good choice if you are experiencing early signs of joint damage.

  1. Physical Therapy

Sometimes a joint can be repaired through intensive and targeted exercise. During treatment, a physical or occupational therapist works with patients to build strength and stabilize a weak joint. This improves function so you are able to resume activities with decreased pain and discomfort.

  1. Steroid Injections

Cortisone shots are one of the most popular treatment options for an injured joint. They reduce inflammation and pain almost immediately and can continue to work for several months after treatment. Be aware that pain and swelling may be worse for a day or so after the injection.

  1. Acupuncture

For individuals looking to address pain in a more holistic and natural manner, acupuncture could be worth a try. It is generally most helpful in the early stages of joint disease, however, and may not help everyone.

Joint replacement is often necessary when damage from an injury or degenerative disorder reaches a certain point. Using effective treatments including acupuncture, stem cell therapy and targeted exercise can help you delay, or possibly even avoid, the need for surgery.

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