Baby Corrals, why do parents need this?

The playpen or also known as corrals are very famous among parents nowadays as many people require this. More than anything, it has become a necessity as it keeps the child safe and secure while parents can do their own work. The playpens or corrals can be transferred from room to room as well which is also good for many people so they can still keep their children in their sight.

It is especially important for parents who have work around the house or many nooks and crannies where the child can crawl into. Best Baby Corrals keep your things safe and your child safe.

What to generally look for in a corral?

The general things to look for in a baby Corral are as follows:

  • Certification from JPMA: If you want to purchase a corral that is safe and secure for your child, the first thing to look for the certification label from JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association).
  • The sides of the playpen should be at the very least 20 inches, normally measured from the floor of the corral.
  • There should be at least an inch firm mattress pad at the bottom of the corral.
  • If the corral has mesh sides, the holes of the mesh should not be more than 0.6 cm larger, so the small fingers of the babies can’t get caught in the holes. The net should also be securely attached and check continuously for any breaks or tear in the net.
  • If the corral is wooden then the width of the slats should not be more then 2-3 inches.
  • The lock of the corral should always be out of babies reach.
  • The corrals support system and hinges should be well kept and secured.

Other than these, the key features of a corral are:

  • Size: Some corrals can accommodate more than one child, while others can take in at least 2 – 3. Always check the size before purchasing.
  • Safety: the safety of the corral is a major key factor, the more secure it is the more likely it will sell out. The security features include the lock, hinges, whether the corral is child friendly, the mattress pad, the slats, and nets, etc.
  • Design and Color: Lastly, the corrals should be in colors that the kids love. Children always find bright colors endearing and more often than not find the dull colors weird and out of taste. So, the color of the corral should be in consideration of the child.

Safety Notes for Playpen: 

  • Do not use pillows or cushions in the corrals.
  • Replacing the mattress or the pads is extremely bad as the new mattress might not fit.
  • Always put the baby to sleep on their back.
  • The corrals should not be close to windows.
  • The use of Corrals should be stopped once a child learns how to climb out of it, as it might injure the child.

To find the best Baby corrals in the world, one can search online for the compatibility of the baby corrals. Reading baby corral review can also work in one’s favor.

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